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G2Slim has to be one of my favorite Gingerbread ROMs for the HTC Vision, hands down. It’s Gingerbread 2.3.x based off of the stock T-Mobile G2 update, and it’s stripped down to the bare essentials with all of the bloatwear removed essentially making it pretty much close to a stock Nexus device running the same version. The launcher is replaced with Launcher Pro, but personally I flash the stock Gingerbread launcher so I can get the full experience.  It’s very fast, and very stable. The boot up time probably takes roughly anywhere from 15-40 seconds (after the HTC screen), depending on your homescreen configuration. The battery life of this ROM is incredible, I manage to go through a typical day of use for me, which is the occasional call, texting, twitter and playing Dots here and there, and end up with anywhere from 60-80% battery left over and go the whole next day without needing to charge it. The only thing I remove on the phone is T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling app, since I’m on AT&T’s network and have no need for that. Some of the downsides in my opinion is there are no live wallpapers, because I enjoy having a live wallpaper here and there, but a simple download of Nexus Revamped from the Play Store fixed my want for that. For someone that doesn’t mind using older software and wants the most they can get out of their battery life, then I highly recommend this ROM. All the links you need are below!

Official XDA Thread:…


Stock Gingerbread launcher for those interested (flash in recovery):…

When you go to purchase a new laptop, you might heavily weigh your options, do research into the specific type of computers that you’re looking at, and even read a post very similar to this one. I’m going to come at this article being as unbiased as I possibly can, and I hope it helps someone. So, let’s dive right into this. Read More »

I know I’ve done somewhat of a video review for certain HTC Vision ROMs in the past, but I’m going to cover them more in depth on my blog now for those wishing for a full, or near full, review from my personal experiences. Read More »

My latest phone I purchased was the T-Mobile G2, also known internationally as the HTC Desire Z, or the HTC Vision. I know the phone is going on 3 years old but it still appealed to me, and as much as I loved my iPhone 2G, the lack of Apps even with third party modifications like Whited00r and 3Store was the only downfall of it. The crazy thing is a while back, at least a year ago, I posted about how I wanted to buy this phone. Read More »

So today Apple had such a slew of updates today at their event, I won’t get into the devices and iOS software, you can head over to Engadget, ModMyI, TechnoBuffalo, and many more for that news. What I’m going to be covering, is the competition that Apple is pushing against Microsoft. And I’ll tell you what, it’s getting to be quite a bit of competition. Read More »


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