My Experience With the USPS

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always had a horrendous experience with the United States Postal Service when it comes to packages. For example, every time I pay for 1-3 day delivery, it takes at least 5-6 days, upwards of 8 days sometimes. I did not pay $6.99 for that kind of service. They also never update their tracking information, and when I say never I mean only when it ships out, and when it’s delivered. How am I supposed to know where it is and how far along it is for delivery? I was just on hold not too long ago, waiting for a customer service representative to simply just see if they could get a more detailed overview of where it is, and while I was on hold the call just ended. So I called back, this time from my cell phone on a completely different provider just to make sure it wasn’t my landline’s connection, and the same thing happened yet again. So in this short rant of a post, I’m urging everyone to not take their package business to the USPS. Take it elsewhere to FedEx or UPS, whichever you prefer personally between the two. In my area both of them have consistently updated their tracking information and have always had it on time, if not earlier than they said for arrival. They know how to have excellent service, unlike our postal system which is supposed to have “Great service.” I’d say it’s more like very poor service and not anywhere close to great.

Nokia Lumia 520 Review

Windows Phone is something that not too many people have even heard of, unless you’re keeping up with technology news often and see the name splashed in a headline here and there, or if you know someone that has a Windows Phone device. I have now seen three of them in the “wild”, per se, but it’s nothing compared to how many Samsung devices and iPhones I see out and about. I decided to go ahead and buy the Lumia 520 because I’m someone who as much as I like the latest and greatest devices, I try and buy cheaper phones, or used phones in good condition. Read More

One year with a MacBook Air

A year ago to the day of this writing, May 2nd, I first started using my MacBook Air. I originally went to purchase a refurbished MacBook Pro, due to not wanting to spend the extra $300 at the time for a brand new one, and Apple does quite a good job with refurbished products that it really doesn’t seem like they were used in the past at all, but when I went to purchase it, they were sold out and had the MacBook Air at the same cost refurbished, so I decided to buy it instead of waiting for who knows how long for the Pro. I was a little weary at first, not too sure how I would like it since I’ve used Pro’s in the past, but after a year’s use, I can say it’s been the best purchase computer-wise I’ve ever made. The way things are set up are quite simplistic, and since it’s based on Unix I’ve learned a lot of command line things to use in Terminal to speed up certain tasks, such as emptying the trash quickly instead of waiting for the actual trash program to empty and take it’s time when there’s a lot of things to get deleted, and I could go on but I won’t. I do still use Windows 7 and Ubuntu within a Virtual Machine, the program of choice for me is Parallels. But when it comes to day to day use, OS X is my operating system of choice. I do have a purpose for using a Mac as well, not for the “cool” factor just in case there are people out there thinking an average user gets a Mac just for that. I use Logic Pro for music production, Aperture and Pixelmator for photography, and for those who don’t want to pay for Photoshop and want a cheap (very cheap) alternative, Pixelmator is the way to go, just a side note. There are still quite a few things I’m still learning, and the same can be said for both Windows and definitely Ubuntu since I’ve had limited experience on it. All in all, after a year’s use, I can’t see myself buying another Windows-based laptop, not because I hate the platform, I’m still quite fond of Windows since it’s what I grew up using, but because of the build quality of MacBooks. The only problem I’ve had with my Air is the screen had very, very bad graphical issues and was rendered useless (I’m going to place the blame on it being refurbished, haha), but a quick call in to customer support, and within a little under a week I had it sent out and returned, and thus far I haven’t had a single problem with it. I honestly think this will be the first laptop that I own that will last me for more than a year/year and a half without having to replace it. Here’s to another year with it.

HTC Desire Z/T-Mobile ROM Review – G2Slim

G2Slim has to be one of my favorite Gingerbread ROMs for the HTC Vision, hands down. It’s Gingerbread 2.3.x based off of the stock T-Mobile G2 update, and it’s stripped down to the bare essentials with all of the bloatwear removed essentially making it pretty much close to a stock Nexus device running the same version. The launcher is replaced with Launcher Pro, but personally I flash the stock Gingerbread launcher so I can get the full experience.  It’s very fast, and very stable. The boot up time probably takes roughly anywhere from 15-40 seconds (after the HTC screen), depending on your homescreen configuration. The battery life of this ROM is incredible, I manage to go through a typical day of use for me, which is the occasional call, texting, twitter and playing Dots here and there, and end up with anywhere from 60-80% battery left over and go the whole next day without needing to charge it. The only thing I remove on the phone is T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling app, since I’m on AT&T’s network and have no need for that. Some of the downsides in my opinion is there are no live wallpapers, because I enjoy having a live wallpaper here and there, but a simple download of Nexus Revamped from the Play Store fixed my want for that. For someone that doesn’t mind using older software and wants the most they can get out of their battery life, then I highly recommend this ROM. All the links you need are below!

Official XDA Thread:…


Stock Gingerbread launcher for those interested (flash in recovery):…

T-Mobile G2/HTC Desire Z Review

My latest phone I purchased was the T-Mobile G2, also known internationally as the HTC Desire Z, or the HTC Vision. I know the phone is going on 3 years old but it still appealed to me, and as much as I loved my iPhone 2G, the lack of Apps even with third party modifications like Whited00r and 3Store was the only downfall of it. The crazy thing is a while back, at least a year ago, I posted about how I wanted to buy this phone. Read More