Pray For Japan, and also my respect goes to Apple Inc.

Unless you’re living under a rock on the bottom of the sea where the sky is composed of oddly coloured flowers and your neighbor is a squid and a sponge, then you should know that Japan is in a time of need right now, due to not only the earthquake, but a tsunami as well. On YouTube you can find citizen video footage of the earthquake and tsunami, and also news reports going into more detail on the subject. Now Apple Inc. I thought I had respect for this company, until I read a public letter an Apple Store Manager over in Tokyo wrote. Now my respect for them is probably the most it’s ever been after learning of everything they are doing. The things that Apple has been doing for the people over in Japan is just amazing, hands down. All companies could learn from Apple here. You can read the letter here at iClarified. Now if you don’t like Apple much, just take the time to read it. You’re mind will change, even if it’s a little, or I promise it or your money back.


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