Must Have iPhone Photography Apps

Here is my list of the must have iPhone Photography Apps.

1. Instagram (free)

A really amazing social network app, where users can upload, like, and comment on pictures. When you upload, you also have the option to apply one of the many filters, as well as apply a Tilt-Shift filter as well. I’m a daily user of this app, and it’s worth the free download.

2. Camera+ ($1.99 USD)

This app is definitely worth the $2 dollars you pay for it. It has so many filters, as well as scenes for, say you take a picture at night, you pick the “Night” scene. You also have borders, different cropping tools, and you can rotate the image as well. There is however, a small catch. For one set of filters it costs an additional $0.99 to use them, but I bought them and use them here and there, so I found it worth it.

3. Hipstamatic ($1.99 USD)

This is another really good app for you photography lovers that love filters as well. This app has so many different filters and combinations of things it’s just insane! I use it quite a bit, and it’s definitely worth the money. There are multiple packs you can buy to get more films, lenses and flashes, that each cost $0.99 each.

4. Photoshop Express (free)

And last but not least, I can’t forget Photoshop Express Mobile. You can crop, add borders,  apply effects, change the saturation/hue/exposure, etc, and the list goes on and on. It’s definitely worth the free download. You also get free image storage! I’m not 100% sure how much, but I think it’s 1 or 2GB.


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