A week with the iPad

So last Friday I picked up a new toy, the iPad. It’s the first generation iPad, but don’t let me get on my rant on why I like the first generation more than the second. We’ll save that for some other time. Anywho, along with me getting the iPad, I got rid of my iPhone. That’s another post for later.

Ever since getting the iPad, I have honestly used my computer about 4 times these whole past 7 days. 3 out of those 4 times was to simply sync over my music to my iPad, and the last time was because I felt like I was neglecting my computer, because my parents did get it for me for Christmas a year ago and I want them to see I’m still grateful I have it.

The iPad has also eliminated me having to carry around physical books, because I love to read. I just simply buy them in the iBookstore, and read within 15 seconds of clicking “buy.” Right now I have about 20 books on my iPad. Try carrying all of those around!

Pages and Keynote have replaced my need to be on a computer to work on presentations and create documents, as I can just flip the case open, hit the home button and click on the app name and instantly start writing on the fly (about a 5-6 second process to do all that if you were wondering). If I was on the computer, it would take a lot longer.

All in all, I’m just glad I went out and got one. I can see myself keeping a hold of this thing for quite a while, at least 2 years, which is saying something for an electronic device. If you are a skeptic, then find someone that has one and see if they will let you play around on it for a few minutes. It’s WORTH it.


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