My thought’s on Steve Job’s resignation.

This was such a shock to come home and read after a great night out with my friends watching a movie and celebrating a good friend’s birthday. I load up one of my favorite news sources, iClarified, and see that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO. I was in complete shock, as well as very curious as to whom he chose to take his spot. I personally thought for the past 2ish years that when the day came, Tim Cook deserved it, and to my half-surprise, I was right. Steve Jobs picked Tim Cook as CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook has been one of the most creative minds alongside Steve Jobs. If you take a look down at your iPod (any kind), iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc, Tim helped design the appearance. Turn it on, and interact with it for a bit, and Tim helped create that as well. He has done such a tremendous job, and will in my opinion, suit the roll of CEO just as phenomenally as Steve Jobs did. And laugh at me if you must, but that’s my goal. Is to be CEO of Apple, or at least work in a high up position. Again, laugh if you will, but it’s the truth. I’m impressed with what Steve has done, I’ve frowned on some choices as well, but all in all, he has been one of the best company leaders I have seen, and that is very hard to come by these days. I’m very eager to see what Tim has in store for Apple, and I look forward to seeing his enthusiasm when the next iPhone is unveiled.


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