Apple’s iPhone 4S Event Recap and Thoughts

If you are a fellow Apple fan and follower like myself, and followed the event yesterday from a live-blog or actually attended it, then you’ll notice that the first 45ish minutes were a simple recap of stuff they talked about at WWDC this summer. And if you are like myself, you probably found that somewhat boring, with the exception of a few things. Then, good old Phil Schiller came out and announced the slightly updated iPod Nano,  which I found somewhat of a let down. Afterwards,  the only update to the iPod Touch was it was available in white, and the 8GB model shed $30, so it’s price is down to $199, which honestly was probably a good move for Apple. Then, the moment everyone was waiting for. The iPhone 4S was announced. I feel how I felt the same way about the 3GS when it first came out: Some cool new features…but.. I don’t care that much for it. But also, when I got the iPhone 3GS it became my favorite phone, so I bet that will happen after I get an iPhone 4S in the future. But anyways, it’s camera is updated to an 8 Megapixel auto-focus f/2.4 lens with face recognition, the storage capacity can now be bought at 64GB for $399, and the new Siri assistant is pretty amazing if you ask me. So actually after writing all this, I’m starting to be impressed. Just no the design so much, but my uncle once said, if something sells well, stick with it. And a move that surprised me a lot was the iPhone 3GS can STILL be bought (for “free” on contract), which for Apple is a VERY intelligent move on their part. With them doing that, I also have speculation that the iPhone 3GS will live to see iOS 6. Anyways, there was a simple recap, including my thoughts on it. Happy reading!


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