Add Widgets to your iPhone’s homescreen with iWidgets

I stumbled upon a fantastic tweak today, cleverly dubbed “iWidgets.” I have seen it here and there on the ModMyI forums, but never really got around to installing it until today, and I’m glad I did. After messing around and installing some more widgets for the tweak, I must say that it is a fantastically built tweak, and is definitely worth the free download. You are first presented with 2 tweaks that you can install, those being the Clock widget and the Calendar widget, which would be very familiar for those who are OS X users or have used OS X at all in their life and have seen the widgets. I currently use the HTC widget the most, as I am a fan of HTC’s phone interfaces. You can check out more widgets Here if you chose to download the tweak, which I highly recommend. Below are some screenshots of the tweak in action!



One comment

  1. Shujaa Imran · February 4, 2013

    Good tweak. Looks Nice. I’m also a really big fan of HTC, particularly their clock. Perhaps you would like to write about your technology interests on my blog.

    Looking forward to see you at Techno Inspiration

    Shujaa Imran

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