My planning transition to Android from the iPhone

I’ve been in love with the iPhone since I first heard of it’s existence. No, I’m not an Apple “fanboy”, at least not anymore. I used to be back when i first got an iOS device, but since then I’ve broadened my views. As much as a fan I am of Apple, I’m also secretly a fan of the company HTC. Their Android phones have to be some of the best build quality out there. The first time I heard of them, was my friend had an HTC Eris. Ever since then, I’ve been looking for a nice HTC phone to settle on and I’ve found it. The HTC Desire Z. I’m very excited to purchase it here eventually once I save up. Now, my reasons for switching. I love the iPhone. I love how it’s simplistic, and business-esque. But, it’s getting stale to me, as I have been using an iOS device since ’07 or ’08. My time with the iPhone is over, even if it’s only for a year or two, to broaden my horizons so not only I can mix things up, but so I can also make the best recommendation to people who come to me for advice on what phone to get, and which would be best for their needs.


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