A Month with Android OS

I used to be a hardcore iPhone and iOS user, my addiction came from when I got my first Apple product, the first generation iPod Touch, which I still have and is functioning perfectly, and I have a dual boot with Android Froyo, I’m positive. I messed around on Android whenever Openiboot was released for first gen iOS devices, but it ran horrendously slow and really didn’t appeal to me much. I did always follow the Android scene though, just so I could be up to date on technology. I then purchased an iPhone 3G, then an iPhone 3GS, and my latest iPhone purchase was the iPhone 4, which I still have and love, but it has multiple problems and I eventually need to get it repaired. So, in the time while I save up to get it fully repaired, I purchased the AT&T Fusion 2, also known as the Huawei U8665 for those wanting the technical name. It came loaded with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, 2GB of internal storage, I purchased a 4GB SD card on top of that just to store my apps and some music on it, a 3.5 Inch 320 x 480 screen with a pixel density of 165 PPi (although it seems a lot crisper than it sounds), a 800 MHz processor and 512MB of ram. It was on sale for $80 so I figured it would be a decent smartphone replacement while my iPhone 4 is out of commission. After messing around on it for a little while, I actually started to enjoy the experience it had to offer. I don’t care for the camera though, it’s a fixed focus 3.2 Megapixel camera. So about 1 week and a half to 2 weeks passed, and it was getting a tad slow with all of the bloatwear that AT&T had on it, and I looked into rooting the phone and what custom ROMs were available for it, if any. I found out it was possible to root it, so therefor I did. I was a little disappointed to see that there was only a CyanogenMod 7.2 ROM for it, so I decided to stick with the stock ROM. After doing some more browsing around I discovered that there was a website that actually had not only the CM 7.2 ROM, but an Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean ROM ported over to the phone. I installed Jellybean on it, and by golly it is quite fast. The processor, even though it is 800MHz, can be safely overclocked to 1113MHz, which it currently is for me, and I have had no problems. I can safely say that my first views on Android, which was the typical Apple fanboy whenever I was 13-14, was “It sucks! Boo! I hate it!” But now, several years later, I highly enjoy the experience that Android has to offer, and it’s a refreshing change from using iOS since 2008. Would I keep using Android as my daily phone once my iPhone is fixed? Probably not, only because for me, iOS offers the functionality I prefer. But, I’ll still keep the Fusion 2 just to tinker around with, get the word out there that it can be rooted and have the latest version of Android, and to use it as a daily phone for maybe a few days at a time if I get a little tired of iOS (if Apple’s iOS 7 isn’t a wonderful overhaul like everyone is saying it will be.) So all in all, if someone is looking for a budget brand Android phone on AT&T, I would recommend this one over all of the other ones out there. By the way, it runs off of AT&T’s GoPhone service, which makes it even more affordable. They say you can only have it on the $65 a month plan, but I have it on the $25 a month plan. For anyone who owns this phone and is interested in learning more about rooting it and installing custom ROMs on it, check out the YouTube video Here to get a preview of the performance on Jellybean, as well as the links to all the resources you need. Have a wonderful day everyone!


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