Two months with a MacBook

So you might have read in the past on my blog with my reviews on the MacBook Air I now have in my possession, which you can read Here and Here. After two months, my views really haven’t changed. It’s a fantastic machine and the operating system is phenomenal, which at the time of this writing is Mac OS X Mountain Lion, build 10.8.4. I hardly have used Windows 7 since I first got my MacBook, and the only reason I do is to add music from my old laptop onto my iPhone because I have roughly 30+ GB of music and I don’t want to have it take up space on my Mac due to the smaller storage because of the SSD. I tried to keep a Parallels Windows 7 virtual machine installed but I really never at all used it, the only time I would boot it up was for my mother to use my laptop because she isn’t too familiar with OS X, but I never had a use for it personally. So all in all, I’m quite satisfied. I’ll probably end up posting a half a year, and a year with this MacBook once the time comes. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!


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