Solve Shrinking Hard Drive Space With Cloud Storage

If you don’t have much hard drive space left, or if you are like me with a MacBook Air that has a Solid State Drive (SSD), or any computer with an SSD, and you still have files you want to store and not take up space, or even free up some space on your hard drive, then you might wonder how in the world to do that. The first option is an external hard drive, I have a 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) drive sitting on my desk for my most important stuff and my insane 40GB music collection. But, sometimes I don’t want to lug around an extra piece of hardware just for my most accessed files. That’s where cloud storage comes into play. For those of you who have no idea what cloud storage is, let me briefly explain it for you. You upload your files to a particular cloud storage host, such as Google, for example, and every time you are around internet, you have access to all of those files. They aren’t stored on your computer either. You can access them via your internet browser, or the desktop version of the service right on your Windows, Linux, or OS X machine. Now, let me list a few of those services, and you can decide which one you would prefer to use.

Number 3: Microsoft SkyDrive

This service is really nice for those of you who already have a Microsoft email account, or an Xbox Live account. With Microsoft SkyDrive, you get 7GB of storage for free when you first sign up, or when you first log into SkyDrive from an existing Microsoft account. They previously only had a Windows-based desktop client, but they now have a Mac OS X client as well for all of you Mac/Hackintosh users out there. You can feel free to check out SkyDrive Here

Number 2: Google Drive

For those of you who were around when Google Docs was still a thing before they renamed the service to Google Drive, then you should be familiar with this. Google Drive is of course hosted by Google. They have a desktop client across all major platforms, and you can sync all of your files right to the cloud. With their service, you get 15GB free, and then increasing paid plans if 15GB isn’t enough for you. Once your files are uploaded, again you can access them right from the desktop client if you have that installed, or over a You can also use that link to check out the service and sign up if you want to.

Number 1: Copy

Probably my absolute favorite cloud-based storage host, Copy. They start you out with 15GB free storage, just like Google Drive does. But, currently, if you sign up with the link I provide for you guys, we both gain an extra 5GB. So that mean you get 20GB of storage, for free. And, it gets even better. For each person you tell about Copy that signs up, you gain 5GB of storage as well. I mean you really can’t be that, can you? Chris Pirillo managed to get over 17TB of free storage because of all of the people he got the word out to, for Copy. The Mac OS X desktop client is fantastic, as well as the Windows client. Also, uploading and downloading files right from the website, is one of the easiest things to do. So if you want 20GB of free storage, all you have to do is simply click Here.

I hope that this post helps anyone who was after solutions to free up some hard drive space!


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