iPhone 2G – Is it still a good phone today?

Is the iPhone 2G, Apple’s first iPhone that shook up the smartphone market and shaped it into what we have today, still a good phone to use today? Well, head past the break to read my full opinions on this topic.

So a little over half a year ago, my iPhone 4 took it’s final unfortunate fall, leaving me needing a new phone for the time being. I still have my iPhone 4, the things that need replaced are the front glass, back glass, and the battery. It was mainly the battery going out that rendered it useless. After it stopped working, I was lucky enough to find a mint condition iPhone 2G 8GB, factory unlocked even, with the box for $150 on eBay. Of course, being a tech geek, it was an absolute steal. So for the past 5-6 months, it has been my daily phone. The typical reaction from people is one of two things. The first being “Oh my goodness, what iPhone is that? I’ve never seen it before!” and I explain that it was the first one released, and the second reaction being “Why are you using such an outdated, useless phone?” I will admit, I was a little weary about using is as my daily phone, for I planned on getting my iPhone 4 patched up relatively quickly. But, as I’ve come to realize, the iPhone 2G does my basic stuff that I would like to get out of a smartphone, such as web surfing, email, texting, and calling. As of September 18th, the iOS version that it last supports, is officially 4 years old. It’s running iOS 3.1.3, which is pretty old school. I can remember when iOS 1 was a huge deal, that is quite crazy come to think of it, but that’s besides the point. Now you may be wondering, how do I get applications and how can you live without games and all of that!? Well the answer for that is I’m running Whited00r 6, which is a modified version of iOS 3 to get the functionality of iOS 5/6, such as folders, multitasking, etc, the only exception being iMessage, but I have that on my MacBook Air so that isn’t much of a biggie to me. With Whited00r, they have an app included that lets me download versions of, say Twitter, that supported iOS 3. I do have a few games, and a few social apps on it too. And I must say, for being such a huge technology geek that I am, I’m surprised at how long I’ve actually stood with this phone as my daily driver. Of course I really would not mind upgrading at all, but in my current situation, it really does not bother me having a 6 year old smartphone, because it’s still a beautifully designed phone that has for sure stood the test of time. So, is the iPhone 2G still a good phone by today’s standards? I would say no, and yes. For someone that HAS to be on the cutting edge of technology, then forget about this phone. But if you are like me, and just want the basics like I’ve mentioned, web surfing, email, texting, phone, social media interaction and the occasional casual gaming, then it is still an amazing phone to this date.


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