Why Microsoft has a lot of competition after today’s Apple event

So today Apple had such a slew of updates today at their event, I won’t get into the devices and iOS software, you can head over to Engadget, ModMyI, TechnoBuffalo, and many more for that news. What I’m going to be covering, is the competition that Apple is pushing against Microsoft. And I’ll tell you what, it’s getting to be quite a bit of competition.Let’s start out with the OS X Mavericks operating system update. It’s the major update to OS X Mountain Lion. In the past, Apple’s updates have been roughly the same as Microsoft’s updates, maybe a little less. Then Mountain Lion came out, and the update was only $20. Today, Mavericks was released, for free. So let’s put this into perspective: if someone was still running Snow leopard, Apple’s OS that was released around the time Windows 7 was, they could update to Mavericks free of charge. If someone was running Windows 7, and wanted to update to Windows 8, the lowest price they would have to fork out is $120. Yes of course Apple’s software is proprietary to their own computers whereas Windows can be run on virtually any laptop out there (including Macs.) The next major thing that Microsoft has to worry about, is Apple taking their iWork suite to the cloud, to make it free for everyone who has an iCloud account on any operating system, whether it’s OS X, Windows, Chrome OS and Linux. It might even be possible to run it on an Android powered netbook/tablet, but I can’t be for sure there. So instead of paying $99 for Office 365 which gives you a year of cloud services with their applications, you can simply log into iCloud anywhere, and use an office suit for presentations, documents, and spreadsheets. You can also purchase iWork on your existing Mac for $60 (each app is $19.99), and everything that you create inside of the iWork apps, you can sync them to iCloud. Microsoft honestly has competition that they have slamming them in the face. Bear in mind I’m not trying to sound like an Apple Fanboy, I respect both operating systems and what they have to offer and I have both Mavericks and Windows 7 on my Mac. So if you want, feel free to spark up some conversation in the comments! Happy reading.


One comment

  1. itfarmer · October 22, 2013

    Apple certainly has Microsoft on the run, but Microsoft is still the backbone of most business Networks, at least for now….

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