F.lux Review

So for those of you who don’t know nor have never heard of F.lux, it’s in my opinion one of the most useful, lightweight applications that I have ever used. It’s also freeware, and I’ve seen from the creator that there might be a paid version of something similar coming out with a ton of more features, but that hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet. So what does f.lux do? Well, I would show you a screenshot of it, but it wouldn’t matter, and let me explain why. Read More

What I would like to see in iOS 7

Yes, this post is insanely early, considering iOS 6 has just been released to the public. But, as many new features that it has, it’s getting kind of stale, like a bag of bread that has been left open for 2-3 days. Sure, iOS is a nice, solid operating system, I will admit, but there are some things that it’s lacking that I’m sure iOS users from 2007-2008, such as myself, would enjoy seeing.

First: Themes

Yes, we have the option to change our background on our Lockscreen and Homescreen, but that’s pretty much it, unless you Jailbreak to install Winterboard or Dreamboard. I would like to see even the ability to change small aspects of the OS, such as changing the icons, changing the color of the statusbar icons, messaging bubbles in the Messages app, different skins for the music player, and I could go on.

Second: Widgets

This has been something I have been after for a while. I mean, I would even settle for a live icon tile, such as Messages listing who texted you, Facebook for iOS telling you “New Message from -name here-” and small things like that. But, wouldn’t it be cool for Apple to finally jump on the Widget bandwagon? Android has been doing it for a while (Don’t get me wrong, I love both Android and Apple, I’m loyal to both), and it would be exciting to see even a Notification Center widget for, let’s use an example, Facebook. Where you can comment on a status, see a small live feed of recent statuses with your friends or a select group of people, and reply to messages, all within the Notification Center, or even a standalone widget. Granted, there are some functionalities like this with Jailbreaking, but it would be nice to see it in the stock OS with no modifications needed.

Third: More User Control

I would love to see more user control over the device itself. For example, there is a system browser available for jailbroken users called iFile. It lets you browse the filesystem and let you edit and delete files, as well as create new ones within the filesystem. It would be nice for a functionality to be added to iOS, as in a small folder on your device that you can add documents, pictures, and other important files that you can immediately push them to places like Dropbox, Google, etc.

In conclusion, this is what I would like to see in Apple’s next major software update, because sure iOS 6 was a “Major” update, but it really should be like an iOS 5.2 or like 5.5. So, leave a comment on what you would like to see in the next iOS major upgrade! 🙂

iPad Mini Predictions

To start things off, there have been a slew of rumors about an iPad Mini being released this fall. I personally can see it happening, and it couldn’t come at a better time, with Amazon’s Kindle Fire being a popular small tablet selling a lot, the Nook Color, and the Google Nexus 7. The iPad Mini, with it’s rumored 7-inch screen would be a very good competitor against the smaller end of tablets, as well as a nice budget-priced alternative for those not wanting to shell out for the full scale iPad, which screen size is at 9.8 inches. Of course, this is all speculation, and the rumor mill is churning all right. I personally think that the iPad Mini will cost about $199 for the small model, and $299 for a possible increased storage model. It will probably have the Retina Display on it, seeing as all of Apple’s current mobile devices have it, as well as the new Retina Macbook Pro. Camera-wise, I can see a 5-8MP camera on the device. Overall, those are some of my predictions on the rumored iPad Mini, and we will hopefully see this upcoming fall if Apple decides to release the tablet, and what features and specs it has.

A week with the iPad

So last Friday I picked up a new toy, the iPad. It’s the first generation iPad, but don’t let me get on my rant on why I like the first generation more than the second. We’ll save that for some other time. Anywho, along with me getting the iPad, I got rid of my iPhone. That’s another post for later.

Ever since getting the iPad, I have honestly used my computer about 4 times these whole past 7 days. 3 out of those 4 times was to simply sync over my music to my iPad, and the last time was because I felt like I was neglecting my computer, because my parents did get it for me for Christmas a year ago and I want them to see I’m still grateful I have it.

The iPad has also eliminated me having to carry around physical books, because I love to read. I just simply buy them in the iBookstore, and read within 15 seconds of clicking “buy.” Right now I have about 20 books on my iPad. Try carrying all of those around!

Pages and Keynote have replaced my need to be on a computer to work on presentations and create documents, as I can just flip the case open, hit the home button and click on the app name and instantly start writing on the fly (about a 5-6 second process to do all that if you were wondering). If I was on the computer, it would take a lot longer.

All in all, I’m just glad I went out and got one. I can see myself keeping a hold of this thing for quite a while, at least 2 years, which is saying something for an electronic device. If you are a skeptic, then find someone that has one and see if they will let you play around on it for a few minutes. It’s WORTH it.