The Verizon iPhone: What to expect

Ok so today, January 11, 2011, Verizon has an announcement in a few hours. It’s unlikely for them to have a random announcement out of the blue like this, and it’s probably the long rumored iPhone for their network. This is my last minute prediction on it.

So I think that this announcement will be the Verizon iPhone, and it will probably have Edge, 3G, and their upcoming LTE network capabilities, although I can’t be 100% sure on the internet rates. The phone will probably debut at $200 for 16GB and $300 for 32GB, like AT&T’s prices. The phone will have a SIM card slot because i’m fairly sure LTE phones need the sim card to use the LTE internet. (I wonder if you can use it in an iPhone 3G or 3GS unlocked perhaps? We shall see soon I guess).

Those are just a few predictions. I will post later today about the actual results.


iDrone 2.2: Theme Of The Week

So the last time I posted about iDrone (argubly the best HTC Sense theme for iPhone), was back at the iDrone 2.1 release, which was previously optomized for 3.1.3 Firmwares and lower. iDrone 2.2 however, is optomized for 4.0 as well. Not only does it sport the usual HTC Sense-like dock, but you can also choose for a stock Android 2.2 Froyo-like dock, which is pretty neat in my opinion. The theme is a free download and support for it can be found over on the ModMyI Forum thread. You can find that Here. The website along with some other screenshots of the beautiful theme can be found on the creator’s website Here.

Here is a screenshot. I’ll try to have more later.

Todays iPhone Theme: ADTR Homesick

Here is a nice theme I came across. It’s based off of the album Homesick by A Day To Remember, and I must say it complements my iPhone’s homescreen pretty well. It’s a must for all A Day To Remember fans! You can download ADTR Homesick in Cydia for free.