One year with a MacBook Air

A year ago to the day of this writing, May 2nd, I first started using my MacBook Air. I originally went to purchase a refurbished MacBook Pro, due to not wanting to spend the extra $300 at the time for a brand new one, and Apple does quite a good job with refurbished products that it really doesn’t seem like they were used in the past at all, but when I went to purchase it, they were sold out and had the MacBook Air at the same cost refurbished, so I decided to buy it instead of waiting for who knows how long for the Pro. I was a little weary at first, not too sure how I would like it since I’ve used Pro’s in the past, but after a year’s use, I can say it’s been the best purchase computer-wise I’ve ever made. The way things are set up are quite simplistic, and since it’s based on Unix I’ve learned a lot of command line things to use in Terminal to speed up certain tasks, such as emptying the trash quickly instead of waiting for the actual trash program to empty and take it’s time when there’s a lot of things to get deleted, and I could go on but I won’t. I do still use Windows 7 and Ubuntu within a Virtual Machine, the program of choice for me is Parallels. But when it comes to day to day use, OS X is my operating system of choice. I do have a purpose for using a Mac as well, not for the “cool” factor just in case there are people out there thinking an average user gets a Mac just for that. I use Logic Pro for music production, Aperture and Pixelmator for photography, and for those who don’t want to pay for Photoshop and want a cheap (very cheap) alternative, Pixelmator is the way to go, just a side note. There are still quite a few things I’m still learning, and the same can be said for both Windows and definitely Ubuntu since I’ve had limited experience on it. All in all, after a year’s use, I can’t see myself buying another Windows-based laptop, not because I hate the platform, I’m still quite fond of Windows since it’s what I grew up using, but because of the build quality of MacBooks. The only problem I’ve had with my Air is the screen had very, very bad graphical issues and was rendered useless (I’m going to place the blame on it being refurbished, haha), but a quick call in to customer support, and within a little under a week I had it sent out and returned, and thus far I haven’t had a single problem with it. I honestly think this will be the first laptop that I own that will last me for more than a year/year and a half without having to replace it. Here’s to another year with it.

Two months with a MacBook

So you might have read in the past on my blog with my reviews on the MacBook Air I now have in my possession, which you can read Here and Here. After two months, my views really haven’t changed. It’s a fantastic machine and the operating system is phenomenal, which at the time of this writing is Mac OS X Mountain Lion, build 10.8.4. I hardly have used Windows 7 since I first got my MacBook, and the only reason I do is to add music from my old laptop onto my iPhone because I have roughly 30+ GB of music and I don’t want to have it take up space on my Mac due to the smaller storage because of the SSD. I tried to keep a Parallels Windows 7 virtual machine installed but I really never at all used it, the only time I would boot it up was for my mother to use my laptop because she isn’t too familiar with OS X, but I never had a use for it personally. So all in all, I’m quite satisfied. I’ll probably end up posting a half a year, and a year with this MacBook once the time comes. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!

A Week with the MacBook Air

So I posted a review about the MacBook Air 13″ 2012 model with the Core i5 processor when I had it on my second day, and now I figured I would do a follow up a little more than a week of using the laptop, just to share more than my initial thoughts on the device. You can read my initial review and thoughts Here (clicking that will open a new window or tab). A week and a couple days have passed by since my last post, and now I’m going to expand my review on this amazing machine. Read More

Macbook Air 2012 Review

          So, after my aging Acer Aspire 5532 was giving me headaches of the problems I’ve had with it, most notably being lagginess, the battery failing, and the CD/DVD drive that failed and stopped working about 4 months into owning it, I decided it was time for me to purchase a new laptop, and one that will give me several years of use, and also something to use for college in the next year or two that will give me good performance and good portability to match. I’ve always personally been a fan of Apple’s MacBook line, to the point I tried setting up Hackintosh on my Acer (to no avail), and thus I concluded to purchase a refurbished MacBook Air 13″ 2012 core i5 model, with 128GB of flash storage and 4GB of ram and running OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), which the refurbished cost will be $1,058 and some change with the tax included (it actually shipped with 8GB of ram, which I am not complaining about in the least bit at all.) To be honest, I was a little weary about purchasing the MacBook Air to use as my main laptop throughout the next couple years, because frankly I didn’t know what to expect. But, I’ll be straight up front: It was the best purchase I have ever made on a computer. I’m only on my second day into using the MacBook, and it has surpassed my expectations already. It’s main perk is the slimness of the machine, which is just absolutely incredible how Apple (and other respective computer makers out there with ultrabooks) can make such a thin and light, yet fully capable laptop. It has such a snappy, fluid response to all the tasks I do on it, which ranges from surfing the internet, editing a few photos in PixelMator (best budget brand alternative for Photoshop I have ever came across), writing a story in Pages (Apple’s version of Microsoft Word), and the occasional Skype call or two. I also set up Windows 7 in a virtual machine so if I ever need to switch over to Windows, I can do it with just the flick of a few fingers and I’m instantly over in Windows, able to do what I need to. For someone willing to spend a little extra on a laptop that is going to last you several years, as well as portability and fluidity, the MacBook Air is the way to go. Apple does also offer an 11″ model for those wanting even more portability. Just a note for all: The MacBook Air line does NOT have a CD/DVD drive. If you’re someone such as myself who rarely uses CD’s to begin with, then it honestly shouldn’t be much of a problem at all. If you do use them however yet still want to purchase the Air, you can simply pick up a cheap external USB or Thunderbolt CD/DVD drive and use it only when you need it. All in all, the MacBook Air is such a phenomenal machine for portability, fluidity, and basically getting the job done. If you are into gaming however, and still want to purchase a MacBook, I would actually recommend stepping up your consideration to a MacBook Pro, as the Air isn’t fully cut out for gaming quite yet.


  • Ultra-portable
  • Very snappy
  • No hiccups or lags (with the exception of intense games)
  • Easy to pick up on


The only con I have for this laptop, is like I’ve mentioned, some more CPU and Graphics-intense games that tend to lag and hiccup here and there, and make the fans kick on. Other than that, I hardly ever hear the fans kick up and it stays insanely quiet, even during a near all day’s use.