T-Mobile G2/HTC Desire Z Review

My latest phone I purchased was the T-Mobile G2, also known internationally as the HTC Desire Z, or the HTC Vision. I know the phone is going on 3 years old but it still appealed to me, and as much as I loved my iPhone 2G, the lack of Apps even with third party modifications like Whited00r and 3Store was the only downfall of it. The crazy thing is a while back, at least a year ago, I posted about how I wanted to buy this phone. Read More


Why Microsoft has a lot of competition after today’s Apple event

So today Apple had such a slew of updates today at their event, I won’t get into the devices and iOS software, you can head over to Engadget, ModMyI, TechnoBuffalo, and many more for that news.¬†What I’m going to be covering, is the competition that Apple is pushing against Microsoft. And I’ll tell you what, it’s getting to be quite a bit of competition. Read More

Solve Shrinking Hard Drive Space With Cloud Storage

If you don’t have much hard drive space left, or if you are like me with a MacBook Air that has a Solid State Drive (SSD), or any computer with an SSD, and you still have files you want to store and not take up space, or even free up some space on your hard drive, then you might wonder how in the world to do that. The first option is an external hard drive, I have a 1 Terabyte (1,000 Gigabytes) drive sitting on my desk for my most important stuff and my insane 40GB music collection. But, sometimes I don’t want to lug around an extra piece of hardware just for my most accessed files. That’s where cloud storage comes into play. For those of you who have no idea what cloud storage is, let me briefly explain it for you. You upload your files to a particular cloud storage host, such as Google, for example, and every time you are around internet, you have access to all of those files. They aren’t stored on your computer either. You can access them via your internet browser, or the desktop version of the service right on your Windows, Linux, or OS X machine. Now, let me list a few of those services, and you can decide which one you would prefer to use. Read More

F.lux Review

So for those of you who don’t know nor have never heard of F.lux, it’s in my opinion one of the most useful, lightweight applications that I have ever used. It’s also freeware, and I’ve seen from the creator that there might be a paid version of something similar coming out with a ton of more features, but that hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet. So what does f.lux do? Well, I would show you a screenshot of it, but it wouldn’t matter, and let me explain why. Read More

My Top 5 Most Used Free OS X Applications

So I love free applications, whether it’s Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and the list could go on a bit further. I’ve found some really great free Mac OS X apps, and I’ll list whether or not they are in the AppStore or if they are a third party application, and have links to them if they are not in the AppStore. Read More

Two months with a MacBook

So you might have read in the past on my blog with my reviews on the MacBook Air I now have in my possession, which you can read Here and Here. After two months, my views really haven’t changed. It’s a fantastic machine and the operating system is phenomenal, which at the time of this writing is Mac OS X Mountain Lion, build 10.8.4. I hardly have used Windows 7 since I first got my MacBook, and the only reason I do is to add music from my old laptop onto my iPhone because I have roughly 30+ GB of music and I don’t want to have it take up space on my Mac due to the smaller storage because of the SSD. I tried to keep a Parallels Windows 7 virtual machine installed but I really never at all used it, the only time I would boot it up was for my mother to use my laptop because she isn’t too familiar with OS X, but I never had a use for it personally. So all in all, I’m quite satisfied. I’ll probably end up posting a half a year, and a year with this MacBook once the time comes. Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading!